Wooooo We’re Half Way There, WoooOOO 20 Week Scan

Man I was excited. Not only was it 3 days till Christmas but I was going to see Spud again.

The 20 week scan is a big deal. Firstly most couples say that 20 weeks is the safe point. Passing 20 weeks means you can breathe again and even maybe start buying clothes if you haven’t already. The other thing that most people forget about the 20 week scan is that the majority of the time it is possible to identify the gender of your baby at 20 weeks.

So do you find out the gender? Well we didn’t and I’ll explain why. We spoke to our friend Sarah (waves at Sarah) who happens to be a midwife. She mentioned how fathers who already know the gender of the baby seem less excited when telling parents etc. that the baby had been born over the phone. There’s no surprise.

This was enough for us to decide not to know the gender. There is however a negative to not knowing the gender of your baby. That really pretty floral dress has to stay in the shop and pink or blue are out of the question when buying clothes prior to birth. We’ll the first isn’t necessarily true. Spud already has 1 dress. Photos of Noah in a house dress coming soon. Maybe

The 20 week scan is every bit as awesome as the 12 week scan. The main difference is what was once a crudely drawn mini baby is now a baby. Toes, fingers, bones, bladder (Spuds was full), a heart and a face. And Spud was still as active as ever. We had been told that the 20 week scan was quite a serious affair with lots of measuring etc. and not much talking. Our scan woman (there I go again getting all technical) even warned us of this but seemed to forget and told us everything and anything. She was great. She tried for about 10 minutes to get us a good side on photo of Spud but Spud had other plans and constantly turned to face the camera. Got a good full frontal shot though. Best start saving for acting classes.

Advice. Take cash for a photo, don’t forget to drink before hand and decide whether you want to know the gender or not before you go in. Tell the scan person even if they don’t ask as it has been known for them to get caught up in the moment and tell you anyway.

Oh nearly forgot, say hello to 20 week old Spud.

Spud 20 Week Picture

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