When are we going to have kids?

Firstly let me welcome you to my very first post. As this blog is about my life as a father it makes sense to start right at the beginning. So here goes….

When are we going to have kids ?

said Fiona one Saturday morning in August 2006. This wasn’t the first time she had asked this question during our relationship even before we were married. Previously the timing had never been right, we were both at Uni, I was still at Uni, I didn’t have a stable job. I take my wife very seriously so off I wen’t into one of my thinking trances.

Ping !!! (finished thinking)

Why not now ?

I honestly couldn’t think of a reason why we weren’t ready to be parents. Both of us had good jobs, I felt settled in mine. Our finances had recovered after 4 years on the bread line during Uni and lets face it I wasn’t getting any younger.

Fiona wasn’t on the pill so we made the decision there and then to start trying. I won’t go into any detail about the trying phase as lets face it several months of constant sex doesn’t make for a good blog post and I’m sure I read somewhere it takes on average seven months to get pregnant. Wow, seven months. We had best start saving now….

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