We’re going to have a baby!

I’ll admit that the category introduction for the pregnancy category isn’t really what happened. This however is.

It was late August and Fiona had been feeling under the weather for a couple of day. She was feeling tired, her muscles ached and she generally wasn’t feeling herself. My initial thoughts when she started feeling like this were the flu and that it would properly kick in very shortly. After a few days the symptoms hadn’t changed and Fiona got the idea into her head that she might be pregnant.

I’m a realist and we had only be trying for 2 weeks but I did the honourable thing and went to Boots for a pregnancy test. Woohoo the’re on offer 2 for 1. So off I went to work armed with 2 pregnancy testing kits. After returning home I immediately got a telling off. It appears I had purchased the crappy unreliable make (First Response). But any test is better than none, so off Fiona went to the toilet and I started planning what I would say when she came down upset.

5 minutes later down she comes looking very unhappy and I explained how we had only been trying for 2 weeks. Sometimes it can take over a year to get pregnant if at all. We are both healthy so lets keep trying.

Anyway a week past and Fiona was still feeling very under the weather. The odd thing was she was now 3 days late for her period. She didn’t seem too concerned as illness, stress etc. can often push the boundaries a few days but I could tell she was still holding out for being pregnant so I told her to take the other test, we could always get some more.

So once more I sat at my computer waiting for her to come down upset. 5 minutes later she returned with tears in her eyes. I immediately tried to console her to which she replied

We’re going to have a baby !

You know in war movies when a grenade goes off near enough to stun but not do any damage? Well that was how I felt. The world went quiet and I began do day dream. I was going to be a dad and I must be super virile.

The next day Fiona rang the doctors and the midwife asked if she could come in in the next half hour. Fiona was at work but was able to go. The midwife discussed various things and without even testing Fiona (apparently our home kit wasn’t as shabby as Fiona had been led to believe) set us on the road to parenthood armed with a load of paperwork in a plastic folder.

It's Positive

And the countdown started ticking….

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