The Volkswagen Darth Vader Ad. Noah’s New Fav

If there is one thing I make no attempt to hide, it is the fact I <3 Starwars so of course some of my obsession enjoyment is bound to rub off on Noah. So when I came across the latest Volkswagen Ad featuring a small boy (it must be a boy) via Tom at work, I instantly ran home to show it to the wee man.

So imagine the scene of Noah and I huddled around my HTC Desire watching via Youtube. Now imagine that scene repeated about 20 times and now image that extended scene every night since the Superbowl. The video has nearly 30,000,000 views and they are not all via my phone but flippen heck, Addict..

Anyhow we love the advert and think Volkswagen have done an amazing job of appealing to both parents (via the parenting comedy) and Starwars fans.

My favourite bits are when he walks after the dog and of course the reaction when the car responds. Pure and utter genius.

Oh and if this wasn’t enough Volkswagen have also released a blooper / edit real with even more cool clips and out-takes.

I also like cheesecake, Lego, Sci-fi, Terry Pratchet, cheesecake, zoos, a good steak, paintball, movies and oh yeah cheesecake. So if anybody knows of any adverts contain the above please let me know.

Right I’m off for my nightly exercise cheesecake.

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