The Storm Before The Calm Before The Storm

Finding out I was going to be a dad was scary enough, but when complications lead to a trip to A & E, things suddenly come into perspective.

5 weeks in and I had finally come down off the high of finding out I was going to be a father. I had started to sleep normally again without any bizarre dreams (not nightmares) and was well settled into the task ahead. I’m sat at my desk at work when my mobile phone begins to ring. It’s Fiona in tears explaining how she has been to A & E after bleeding heavily. She explains how she is now at home and we have to go to the Early Pregnancy Unit at St. James Hospital in 2 days time for a scan to find out whats going on.

Well the next 2 days were fun. We both walked around in a zombie like state with worse case scenarios racing around our minds. Eventually the day came and off we went to Jimmy’s for our scan.

I had a vision in my mind of how a maternity unit would look. Lots of cartoon characters painted on the walls, new mums walking around showing off their babies, happy staff, happy people and a happy atmosphere. Well when we walked in (having had to park miles away) it was like I had just got an answer wrong on Family Fortunes. EEEEHHHEEEERRR. The waiting area was silent, staff all had a sympathetic look and most of the women looked like they could burst into tears at any minute. Oh and the wall covering was a collection of posters talking about Eptopic Pregnancy, not a dwarf, rabbit or teddy bear in sight.

We sat down and waited our turn which seemed to take forever. Eventually the scan lady (I don’t know the technical name) came in and called our name and we followed her into the scan room. Fiona was asked to lower the waist of her trousers and lay back on the table. We then experienced our first scan. Not much can be seen at 5 weeks except a black shape that is the gestation sac, but it was uplifting to know we were at least pregnant. Oh and ovaries look pretty cool even if they can only find one.

With the scan out the way we returned to the waiting area to discuss the results with a midwife. The midwife called our name and led us into a small room. She then explained how bleeding although not a good sign wasn’t uncommon. We were told that the only way to be sure that the baby was still alive at this stage was to come back in another week and have another scan. These 2 scans could then be compared to work out if the baby had grown or well you know. Also we were told that at 6 weeks you should be able to see a heart beat but signs were not good and we should expect the worst.

I honestly don’t remember much of the next week. Tears, more tears and a lot of avoiding the subject.

Anyhow after possibly the longest week of my life we were back at in the scan room. Fiona’s bladder was full after being told off at the last scan and was up on the table. You know no matter how hard you try, doubt always creeps in. At this stage Fiona and I were prepared for the worst. So it was the most amazing thing ever when we saw on the screen a little grey dot flashing away. A heartbeat. Oh my god a heartbeat. It’s aaaaallllliiiiivvvvveeeee. I’m not going to lie, I cried. Once again we met with the midwife. Even she had an unbelievable look of relief on her face. She had braced herself to bring us bad news so was exstatic.

Bleeding without any reason is apparently quite common. Although it can be a sign of a problem it often just stops as suddenly as it starts. I will say 1 thing though. Fiona’s bleeding stopped a day after she stopped taking multivitamins. Whether the multivitamins were the cause we will never know.

Well advice wise, I’m not giving any apart from if your partner experiences bleeding during pregnancy, get it checked out pronto.

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