The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne

I while back I stumbled upon (not via stumbleupon) a site called 27bslash6 or 27/6 but you can’t have / in a URL prior to a TLD so the domain had to be Anyhow, it made me laugh a lot and at the time I needed to laugh a lot.

When I found out that David Thorne (the author of 27bslash6) was publishing a book I immediately pre-ordered it. This had nothing to do with the fact I could win an Ipad 2! (is it iPad,Ipad or IPad?). Even though the book isn’t released until tomorrow (28th) I was lucky enough to get my copy yesterday (26th) and have therefore finished reading it already. It isn’t a short book! I was up till midnight reading it at which point my wife verbally assaulted me for laughing out loud and waking her up again. I would have finished it earlier today but arrived home from work to find my wife had purchased this….

That was 2 hours of my life gone!

Anyhooow I’m done now so feel obliged to write a review.

Title : The Internet is a Playground
Author: David Thorne

A book by David Thorne. Buy it!

Cost: I honestly don’t remember but worth every penny.

Chances of winning an iPAD 2 if you pre-ordered : Moderate.

Pages : about 360 including 3 blank ones at the back. I have tried rubbing lemon juice etc. on them but I don’t think there is a secret message on them. That would be a cool thing to do in a book though!


Well, the fact that I read the book from cover to cover in less than 24 hours should give a hint. It is not a short book! In short, The Internet is a Playground is a work of genius. Mr Thorne has a natural talent for keeping is cool while others are loosing theirs and his writing style leaves you wanting more (that last bit makes me sound like a right book critic 😛 ).

The book is a fantastic read, full of whit that will make even grown 37 year old men cry. Dances with Wolves also makes me cry!

My favourite bits are:

The fact the cover doesn’t seem to fit!
The 25 minutes in Chatroulette opening
The photo taken during the trip to St. Kilda Swamp
The run in with the e-Police (e-police,E-police)
The closing conversation with Lesley
My least favourite bits are:

The free 1:1 magnification telescope. I already have several of these thanks to my 3 year old.
The lack of exploding robots.
Overall score: 11/10

Yes you can. Spinal Tap did it!!!


Review by
Malcolm Slade,
April 2011

Ooh I could use microformats. 1 sec!


Right I have nothing to do now so I am going to spam @27bslash7 in the hope of getting him to Retweet me, thus raising my Klout score so I can compete with @iamgaz and @petegould83 82, no 83 hmmm.

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