The Green Insert Veg Here Smoothie

Since launching my most recent fitness challenge I have also decided to undertake 2 additional challenges. Firstly I will not be drinking any alcohol for the next 30 days (May 2011). This is mainly because a recent overdose of Old Speckled Hen led to one of the worst days of my life. Secondly I have decided to ensure I give my body the best chance possible by drinking more water and ensuring I get at least my 5-a-day.

Drinking more water is easy. It comes out of a tap. Getting my 5-a-day is a little harder but thanks to Mr Shaw I have the answer. THE GREEN SMOOTHIE. I took Rob’s idea and put my own spin on it (I cheated). Here’s how to make my quick cheat green (sometimes) smoothie.

1… Whack a good handful of Spinach or Curly Kale (alternate) into a blender.
2… Drop a Banana in on top.

Spinach and Banana

3… Top off with Innocents Green Smoothie (that’s the cheat part).

Spinach, Banana and Innocent

4… Blend the bejebus out of it.

Blend It

5… Drink!!!

Spinach Smoothie

Om Nom Nom. It’s delicious, it’s nutricious! Don’t add Beetroot though, BEETROOT SMOOTHIES SUCK!

Malcolm x (Not Malcolm X. It’s a kiss) (Not that I want to kiss everyone who reads this, it just seemed the right thing to do)

Beetroot Spinach Smoothie

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