The cause of my pain for the last 7 months – The Nursery

Carrying a baby around in your belly for 9 months can’t be easy. But neither is getting the nursery ready, especially if you are as crap at DIY as I am.

We have been modernising our house over the last few years. We fitted a new kitchen, re-plastered our living room, purchased a new corner sofa and replaced most of the carpets. When we first found out we were expecting, we decided that we would use the bigger of our spare bedrooms as it was one of the rooms we hadn’t touched yet other than a lick of paint. We had a few issues such as an aging water tank in an airing cupboard that often made odd noises in the night and our boiler was on its last legs, so we decided to go the whole hog and lose the cupboard and install a new combi boiler downstairs.

We hired our friendly builder to replace the boiler just before Christmas and at the end of January arranged for him to come back and re-plaster the room, fit new skirting and repair the holes in the floor and roof. The problem was our builder was amazingly busy and found it very difficult to find the time to complete the room as he was doing it out of work hours as a favour.

At the start of April and with Spud fast approaching our nursery looked like this. Much to Fiona’s dismay.

Pretty Manky WallIt's a Building SiteAt Least You Can Tell It's a Window

Then (after being bullied by Fiona) our builder did a very honourable thing and took a day off work to get our nursery finished. Unluckily for us his work had different plans and called him in after lunch to handle a gas emergency. He had however managed to get the walls plastered, the wholes patched and the new skirting on so I took it on my self to finish up and decorate.

In the space of 2 weeks (had to wait for a carpet to be fitted before I could build the furniture) our nursery went from the above to this and my stress levels went from 9.0 to about a 3.0. Just don’t look behind the wardrobe as I had to do a bit of plastering myself and I’m not much good at plastering.

Noahs I Love My Bear CotUsed to be a Manky WallA Pretty Window

Oh and to cap it all, I decided to do a bit of painting…. Check this out.

I Made This Nursery Art

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