Percy Pig Ice Creams by Marks & Spencer

When you have 37 years of eating everything sweet you can find under your belt (and currently over my belt, but I’m working on that) it can be hard to be excited about a new product. Having eating awesome puddings all over the world I find it hard to find things that can compete but when I was made aware of the release of Percy Pig Ice Creams by @JesswPR via Twitter (thanks Jess), I must say I was more than a little excited.

So at lunch I rushed across to Marks and Spencer in Leeds City Centre and…. found none :’(

But don’t worry, Noah is ill, Fiona is at home looking after him, I’m getting the train home, there is an M&S Food at both ends of my journey, GET IN!!!

So upon my arrival at home I was furnished with……

6 Percy Pig Ice Creams from Marks and Spencer

I am a firm believer that 1 sample is not a true test (and I’m a greedy bstrd). So once Noah was in bed (lets face it if they were the most amazing thing that ever touched your palate you too would not want your kids finding out!), I cracked them open and my first though was…

Oh my God! They are diddy! Why the fook do they come in such a moohasive box?

Percy Pig Ice Cream Unboxed

So you can get a true understanding of the size I have compared the Percy Pig Ice Cream with a common or garden FAB lolly. As you can see they are shorter but way fatter, and yes I ate the FAB as well.

Percy Pig Ice Cream v's FAB Lolly - Height

Percy Pig Ice Cream v's FAB Lolly - Girth

So, on to taste. The first thing and really the only thing to say is….

Ficken Heck they taste like Percy Pigs!

They really do. I’m not sure how they have done it but they have infused Ice Cream with Percy Pig flavour and done a really good job of it. Yes it does take a moment to get used to as it tastes a bit fake when applied to Ice Cream but blimey they are nice. Having now eaten 1 2 I can honestly say they don’t need to be any bigger. FABS are basically ice so they can be any size and get away with it. The Percy Pig Ice Cream would be pretty sickly if it was any bigger.

So, down to the important bit, the sticks!

Percy Pig Ice Cream and FAB Lolly Sticks

I like the curvyness of the Percy Pig Ice Cream stick, but then I also like the novelty value of the FAB Lolly stick. Hmmm which ones better? There’s only one way to find out…. FIGHT!!!!

No, actually they each have a place in your freezer. Mum and Dad can have a Percy Pig Ice Cream and the kids can make do with the crappy FAB :)

Percy Pig Ice Creams are absolutely amazing. Go buy them! Great work yet again M&S and thanks for opening a shop 500 metres from my house in Cross Gates :)

Now, who wants to challenge me to a Percy Pig Ice Cream eating contest? 20 in 20 minutes? Om Nom Nom Nom….

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