Percy Pig Ice Creams by Marks & Spencer

When you have 37 years of eating everything sweet you can find under your belt (and currently over my belt, but I’m working on that) it can be hard to be excited about a new product. Having eating awesome puddings all over the world I find it hard to find things that can compete but […]

How To Say Koozai. Top 10 from Think Vis 6.

Saturday (3rd September) was the latest and possibly greatest of the conferences known as Think Visibility. I was once again able to head up a contingent from Epiphany consisting of the one and only Paul Martin (@pg_martin) as well as ThinkVis virgins Scott  Malthouse and Jodie McDonnell. ***BREAKING NEWS*** Richard Lawrence (@richlawre) was also there! […]

Think Visibility 20 Creme Eggs & My Birthday – Part 2

OK, so firstly this post isn’t going to make any sense if you haven’t read We left me returning to bed after some sort of random sugar induced stroke. It’s 6.30am and Noah is officially awake. I’m actually feeling pretty good, a bit headachy but pretty good so I go down and watch cartoons with […]

Baking with the Kids – Valentines Day Cakes

When we were young (longer ago for me than most), Valentines Day was all about flash gestures and expensive presents with the aim of wooing our next or current victim partner. When kids come along it becomes more of an ‘Oh sh*t it’s Valentines Day. What the hell can I get for a 10er?’ experience […]