Morning Sickness. No Fun for Anyone

Being woken by some noises can be quite nice. Rain, bird song, room service delivering your luxury breakfast. Your wife being sick isn’t one of them.At around week 6 Fiona started to suffer from morning sickness. Every morning we would get up and go downstairs for breakfast (and cartoons). About 20 minutes later Fiona would […]

The Lego Gypo Caravan for Lu Jackson

Creating random Lego things all of the time is actually harder than it seems. If I was an alcoholic it might be easier but I’m not…. I’M NOT!!!…. so at times I like any other amazingly creative genius have what we call Lego builders block (no pun intended). During these times I like to put […]

Where’s Maslona? – All The Cool Kids are Playing It!

Brought to you by the makers of the best seller “Find that Quigles” and the family favourite “Hunt the Heaps”. Our latest and greatest…… Where’s Maslona! If you don’t know how to play then you really should give yourself up and ring the asylum! Oh and the guy with the moohasive arrow above his head […]

It’s a Bakugan in a Bath. Best not to ask!

OK, you should all now be familiar with the concept of the Lego Fairy. The Lego Fairy’s creations usually either come from his/her (nobody really knows for sure) own mind or from the dreams of other people the Lego Fairy might call upon. Sometimes however, Noah himself likes to set the Lego Fairy a test. […]

Dragon Age 2 Xbox 360 Review.

When Bioware first announced a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins I was a bit sceptical. I did enjoy the original DA but there is no denying that at times, especially at the beginning, it sure did drag. But then I remembered another flagship Bioware title that had pretty much exactly the same issue, namely Mass […]

The Green Insert Veg Here Smoothie

Since launching my most recent fitness challenge I have also decided to undertake 2 additional challenges. Firstly I will not be drinking any alcohol for the next 30 days (May 2011). This is mainly because a recent overdose of Old Speckled Hen led to one of the worst days of my life. Secondly I have […]