My Lego Starwars Collection (Mar 2007 – Feb 2011)

I think I have already mentioned the facts that (a) I am a bit of a nerd and (b) I like Starwars and (c) I like Lego. I also think I have previously mentioned I work for Epiphany Solutions, but not many people know that they are behind my addiction to (c).

Early 2007 I kept going on about how amazing this Star Destroyer I had seen made out of Lego was. I knew I would never be allowed to spend £70 on a Lego kit and was resound to the fact I would never own one. So on March 5th 2007 (the day before my birthday) a random parcel arrived at work addressed to me and I thought nothing of it. At the time I was responsible for the various IT functions of Epiphany and was used to having random IT equipment arriving. When I got around to opening it I was genuinely stunned as it was a Lego Star Destroyer.

You see in 2007 we were still a relatively small company and had the tradition of having a whip round for people presents. Being the amazing popular, helpful and modest guy that I am, my whip round resulted in enough for one hell of a present :-)

2007 was also the year Noah arrived which made this present even more special as to be honest I had no money to waste on myself.

Move forward to November 201o when I discovered the Ebay Android App. This little beauty opened my eyes to the world of Ebaying and over Xmas 2010 my collection grew from 1 piece to everything below.

Not too shabby if I do say so. The only things remaining on my wishlist are :

  • Kit No. 8097 – Bobba Fett’s Slave 1
  • Kit No. 10178 – The Motorised AT-AT Walker
  • Kit No. 7658 – The Y-wing
  • Kit No. 10188 – The Death Star
  • Kit No. 10179 – The Millenium Falcon

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a picture of me with a Death Star or Millenium Falcon though as I’m not made of money :*(

I plan to feature other people’s Lego Starwars collections on the site, so if you have a collection and are willing to answer a few simple questions like what’s your fave etc. then please get in touch either via a comment here or @seomalc.

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