Morning Sickness. No Fun for Anyone

Being woken by some noises can be quite nice. Rain, bird song, room service delivering your luxury breakfast. Your wife being sick isn’t one of them.At around week 6 Fiona started to suffer from morning sickness. Every morning we would get up and go downstairs for breakfast (and cartoons). About 20 minutes later Fiona would be upstairs vomiting. Not fun especially when the nausea last most of the day. Morning sickness apparently is just a name not a factual description. There is lots of stuff on the Internet about morning sickness and how to beat it. Here is what worked for us.

It seems that Fiona’s morning sickness was due to a drop in blood sugar. We started out with me bringing up a cup of tea and a dry cracker each morning and breakfast in bed. During the day Fiona would snack, snack and snack. Ginger biscuits were her thing. This eventually progressed into us waking up half an hour early, Readybrek and tea in the mornings, bacon sandwiches and muffins during the day.

So I don’t claim to have the cure for morning sickness. I can however offer the following advice that may or may not work.

  • Expand your morning routine.
  • Try dry buscuits, crackers or something bland before you get out of bed.
  • Boiled sweets are ideal for the car and fresh air.
  • Snack during the day, ginger biscuits seem to work well.
  • Don’t eat late at night and get plenty of rest.

Good luck.

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