It’s a Bakugan in a Bath. Best not to ask!

OK, you should all now be familiar with the concept of the Lego Fairy. The Lego Fairy’s creations usually either come from his/her (nobody really knows for sure) own mind or from the dreams of other people the Lego Fairy might call upon. Sometimes however, Noah himself likes to set the Lego Fairy a test. This odd creation came from one such test.

Noah, what would you like the Lego Fairy to make?

A Bakugan!

Oh a Bakugan, that should be OK!

Having a bath!!!!

Erm… er… hmmmm… Oh he’s gone! Damn it!

And so the now world renowned “Bakugan in a Bath” was born.

It's a Bakugan enjoying a hot bath!

There, I bet you never thought you would see one of them! In your face Noah!!!

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