Bring me *insert craving here*

Cravings are a part of pregnancy. Some women get very strong cravings that last throughout their pregnancy, others get none or very short lived cravings. Up until now choosing what to have for tea was a case of looking in the fridge, cupboards and freezer. Now it’s a bit more random. “Can we have chicken?” […]

The Green Insert Veg Here Smoothie

Since launching my most recent fitness challenge I have also decided to undertake 2 additional challenges. Firstly I will not be drinking any alcohol for the next 30 days (May 2011). This is mainly because a recent overdose of Old Speckled Hen led to one of the worst days of my life. Secondly I have […]

Percy Pig Ice Creams by Marks & Spencer

When you have 37 years of eating everything sweet you can find under your belt (and currently over my belt, but I’m working on that) it can be hard to be excited about a new product. Having eating awesome puddings all over the world I find it hard to find things that can compete but […]

Baking with the Kids – Valentines Day Cakes

When we were young (longer ago for me than most), Valentines Day was all about flash gestures and expensive presents with the aim of wooing our next or current victim partner. When kids come along it becomes more of an ‘Oh sh*t it’s Valentines Day. What the hell can I get for a 10er?’ experience […]