Buying a Pram. Choosing your Babies First Vehicle

3 wheels, 4 wheels, black, blue, red, heavy, light, twin turbo, 18” alloys buying a pram can be on par with buying a car especially if you want to look cool when pushing your new born.

Pregnancy holds a lot of choices some of which are harder than others. I honestly had never thought much about prams beyond what looks cool and what doesn’t. In really there is in fact a lot to think about when shopping for a pram and a huge range of styles and price tags to choose from.

When we first decided to look for a pram we went at it blind. We strolled around Babies R Us and Mothercare pushing anything we could and checking price tags. We found one that looked cool and had more bells and whistles that many cars and were happy with our choice.

Then (and thank god she did) Fiona did a bit of research on the Internet. With the aid of a few product review sites, Fiona found there was more to buying a Pram than price and looks. Other things to consider were turning circles, collapsing, folded size, storage, weight and reliability. So armed with a list of what we wanted from a pram we revisited our choices with the addition of Mamas and Papas.

Well we can rule Mamas and Papas out straight away. We walked in, we walked around, we saw the prices, we walked straight out. Babies R Us and Mothercare carry a very similar range of prams so I wouldn’t put one before the other. As far as brands go we checked out crazy looking 3 wheelers, fluffy stuff, coloured stuff (even lime green) and even suede. We pushed as many as we could, collapsed loads and had a real good mess around.

In the end we settled on the Graco Mosiac as it ticked all our boxes at a very good price.

There are loads of different prams out there and you have to try before you buy. Push it, collapse it, lift it and give it a damn good test. If it’s too heavy your partner won’t be able to go out on her own. If it doesn’t collapse small enough it won’t fit in your car. If it’s uncomfortable to push you will end up with back ache (especially important for tall mums and dads).

I honestly can recommend the Graco Mosiac and some of the 3 wheelers were pretty cool to although too expensive for us. I’ll keep you posted on any problems as Spud gets bigger.

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