A Name, a Name, My Kingdom for a Name

We had seen our baby on screen and as an ex scout I know it pays to be prepared. Lets get some names.

Well at 12 weeks a doctor can’t tell the sex of your baby from a scan so we (and 90% of other parents to be) decided to finalise names for a boy and a girl. Our friends with children have told us how the names they had chosen didn’t fit the baby once it was born but I think we all like to have some ideas prior to that moment.

Choosing a name is actually harder than it sounds. We purchased a book of 1 billion baby names but every name one of us mentioned was disregarded by the other due to some school friend, potential nickname or stigma involved.

  • Owen – Too old sounding (no offence Owen)
  • Louise – I knew a Louise at school, she was a cow (no offence Lou)
  • Jonas – Too religious sounding (don’t know any)
  • Joshua – Every boy in our area seems to be called Joshua at the moment (it’s true)
  • Freya – Taken by my brother-in-law (grrrrrr)

Well after a long time, at least 3 or 4 days, we finally came up with a single name for a boy and 1 for a girl (lucky we aren’t having identical twins). “Can I tell them?” I have the nod.

Our final (well as final as they can be) names are….

Noah and Mya.

Spud, oh yeah Spud. As we don’t know the gender of our baby we chose to call him/her Spud till birth. Middle names, do we have middle names? 3 to 4 days choosing first names. Nope no middle names. We do have Transformer names though. I’m Malcimus Prime, Fiona is Fionatron and Spud is Spudulator. Currently Fionatron and Spudulator are powerlinked. Ask your son, grandson or nephew.

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